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Trying to promote your brand, business or cause online? You need a clear strategy and authentic voice to break through the digital clutter. No matter the platform—whether emails or websites, banner ads or social media—copywriter and strategist Alex Mizrahi has the creative skills and experience to help you grow your base and get your message out.


In 2012, frustrated with the clickbait clogging my Twitter feed—most glaringly from @HuffingtonPost—I created @HuffPoSpoilers. In April 2013 the account caught on, and in the years since has lead to press coverage, imitators, and I would like to think, a wider push back against the scourge of clickbait. The feed has evolved to included occasional broader media criticism as well.

Articles Written by @HuffPoSpoilers

L.A. Weekly (Sept. 12, 2013): An Open Letter from @HuffPoSpoilers: We're Not Gonna Click it Any More 
[ed note: we've kept clicking anyway]

Medium (June 13, 2013): A Glossary of Words and Phrases the Huffington Post Needs to Ban from its Twitter Feed

Articles about @HuffPoSpoilers & Clickbait

New York Times (April 28, 2013)Turning the Tables on the News Media Tease
[ed note: online and in print; and yes, I have a laminated copy at home (a gift from a friend, I swear)]

Daily Beast (July 14, 2014): Saving Us From Ourselves: The Anti-Clickbait Movement

Politico (née Capital) New York (June 30, 2014): Alex Mizrahi, HuffPo spoiler

HyperVocal (June 2, 2014): Clickbait-Ruining Kings: Q&A With @SavedYouAClick and @HuffPoSpoilers

Think Progress (June 2, 2014): The Way One Man Is Waging War On Clickbait Will Blow Your Mind

Digiday (May 30, 2014): Spoiler Twitter accounts. RT @Digiday The rise in clickbait has created a crazy phenomenon you won't believe.

Politico (July 19, 2013): 50 Politicos to Watch: Alex Mizrahi

Slate (May 10, 2013): Follow Friday: The Clickbait Destroyer

Aol Video (June 13, 2013): At the 7-minute mark, Andy Cohen tells Jerry Seinfeld about HuffPoSpoilers

DailyDot (June 3, 2013): @HuffPoSpoilers delivers all the news and none of the clickbait

Adweek (May 7, 2013): @HuffPoSpoilers Gives In To Huffington Post Click-Bait So You Don’t Have To (April 30, 2013): NY Man's Tweets Spoil News Stories

Daily Caller (April 30, 2013): Meet the HuffPost employees who don’t fall for their own clickbait

Muck Rack (April 29, 2013): @HuffPoSpoilers: A flavor of the week that highlights an awkward truth

HuffingtonPost (April 25, 2013): HuffPoSpoilers Makes Fun Of Huffington Post Twitter Account

AdHawk Blog (Sept. 3, 2015): MisMarketing: 5 Twitter Profiles that Help You Avoid Marketing Snafus

The Wireless (Nov. 11, 2013): Buzz and Substance: You’ll never guess which major news site has been beaten to the punchline

usvsth3m (August 8, 2013): @HuffPoSpoilers is great. They take the linkbait tweets and rewrite them with the missing details

Medium (April 25, 2013): Readers are exhausted by pageview hustlers RT @HuffPoSpoilers Why are we so awesome?